Character Profile: Seth Ryan

Another entry for Man In The Clubhouse.

The drunken block captain, Seth Ryan known for his drunken escapades which usually end up in bar brawls. If he’s not visiting a bar to get drunk, he probably is on his way to a flophouse to have a good time with a hussy. The reputation he has never has helped him that much with getting ahead in the Peter McCune Association. Being drunk and falling out at flophouses has probably done more harm than good. Seth is not known for his political drive and ambition. He would be perfectly satisfied with a beer in one hand a loose woman  under his arm. Seth is interested in having a good old time.

But for our main character, Eddy O’Brien, Seth Ryan is a mentor. Seth mentors Eddy as he learns the ins and outs of politics. Time will tell how useful is Seth’s wisdom to Eddy. Is it all about drunkenness and prostitution? Or does Eddy learn about how to better the lives of people in Hell’s Kitchen?

Please look for more updates and character profiles for Man In The Clubhouse.


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