Character Profile: Richard O’Brien

If you have read one of my previous posts, you may be familiar with the book I have been working on Man In The Clubhouse. The book about Eddy O’Brien’s rise in Hell’s Kitchen’s rough house politics. Today, I will give a short review of the character, Richard O’Brien.

Richard O’Brien is the ambitious roughneck brother of Eddy. Richard is a man always with a sense of resolve. He isn’t the most nicest of people but he isn’t outright mean either. Richard styles himself as the man who is willing to make tough decisions whether they are right or wrong. Ultimately, he plays a great role in Eddy getting involved in clubhouse politics.

Richard’s influence has a heavy role on Eddy as he progresses into manhood and as he climbs the political ladder. Look for more information about my upcoming book Man In The Clubhouse.


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