Man in the Clubhouse Update

I’m currently working on Man In The Clubhouse as I previously mentioned. Let’s go into more details with this post. The story revolves around Eddy O’Brien’s rise in Hell’s Kitchen’s rough clubhouse politics. It is an entirely different style of book from the Mason City series. The book shifts from past to present. The setting is a lecture hall in 1962 where Eddy O’Brien recalls his rise and fall in New York politics. The first flashback is to an Orange celebration 1902.

O’Brien learns to work the polls, work with power brokers, and take care of the community he lives in. At the same time the world is a great period of change with plenty of notable mentions. World War I breaks out in 1914. Women’s suffrage picks up more momentum around the same time period. The New Democratic Party and the Federalist Party clash for power in New York City. Greater battles are being waged for control of the state legislature up in Albany. Not to forget the inter-party struggles that are happening within both parties.

The book takes place between 1902 and ends in 1921. I expect to write three or four books in the series ideally. There will be more information about Man In The Clubhouse in the coming weeks. Expect to read some character profiles about characters in the series.

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